Friday, January 22, 2010

Somewhere between a green olive and a prune

No-I'm not referring to any crazy cravings. Thankfully.

Still working on finding something to eat that will taste good more than once. I may live off of smoothies for the next two weeks. If I can stomach them for more than one day in a row. Or more than once on the same day for that matter.

I'm referring to the best website I've seen for baby growth. has a list that compares baby's weekly growth to food.

Considering my normal relationship with food, this could not be more appropriate!

Week 9-baby is approximately the size of a green olive.
Week 10-baby is approximately the size of a prune.

What a nice visual. I have a pruny green olive growing inside me.

That translates to a little creature (who is officially a fetus now, no longer an embryo!) measuring roughly an inch in length and weighing in at about 1/10th of an ounce.
A pretty big change from being just the size of an apple seed a few weeks ago!

I'm loving that this chart also comes in the form of a widget, and there it is! ------>

Only a few more days until we're into the double digits (10wks), and I do have to admit that I'm thrilled to be halfway to mango/cantaloupe size, which translates to halfway point, and the beloved ultrasound!

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