Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 weeks

Feeling functional today-yay! Not great, but functional.

I spent the morning in the pediatrician's office for a follow up with one of my kids. While there I ended up in a conversation with two cute young moms. Young as in-new to the parenting game.

One of them was only a year younger than me. Yes I'm playing the age card.

Anyway, one had just an 18 month old, the other an 18 month old and a 3 week old. Since my youngest is also nearly 18 months, and all of these little toddlers were girls, we naturally had something in common and we started chatting. The one who had just had her second saw me sitting there with 4 young kids (no sitter today-dang), and with a desperate look on her face said, "does it get easier?!" Thankfully I was able to reassure her that yes, it does indeed get much easier.

And then I excused myself from the conversation for a minute to pluck my 3yr old off the magazine racks that he was using to scale the wall.

When I returned to the conversation, she told me she was glad that I could say it gets easier, since I have four kids. When I let her in on the fact that I actually had 7, the look on her face (and on the face of the cute little mom of one next to her) was priceless. The look on people's face when I tell them I have 7 is always priceless. Apparently most of the people in the world figure you only have 7 (or more) kids if you are a Duggar or someone who has been through mass producing fertility treatments.

To quell the shock, I asked about her OB, since obviously she had just had a baby very recently. I'm not sure that worked so well, since her next question was naturally, "are you expecting another?" Um, yep. I explained briefly why I'm in the market for a new OB, and she was more than happy to oblige with talking about hers. I've never asked a complete stranger about their dr, but I figured that she has such great taste in pediatricians, so I may as well. She raved about how personable he is and how enjoyable he helped make her pregnancy and delivery. Add one more dr to the list to check out!

Turns out this cute little mom who has just launched into the world of childREN is hoping to have a large family, but is a little worried about that since she is currently living in the world of recovering from delivery, constant sleep deprivation, and adjusting to the needs of more than one child. Hopefully our conversation was able to calm some of her fears. And hopefully watching 3 young boys in action didn't scare her too much. Thank goodness the 6 and 4yr olds did very well today. The 3 yr old......well, today he was very much a 3 year old boy. But at least he was a happy 3 yr old boy.

And now I'm going to go suck down the other half of a chocolate shake. Because that's the only thing that sounded good for lunch today. Here's to hoping that it stays down.

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