Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beginning

December 14, 2009

I confirmed this morning what I have suspected for the past week.

I'm pregnant.

Yes, this is good news, and yes this was planned! (and hoped for and longed for....for a number of months)

It's been an interesting journey this time around. After taking up some new hobbies (triathlon and running), we realized that it was putting a damper on adding to our family. We decided to cut my triathlon season short, and then lower the distances I was running. Don't get me wrong, I'm no ultramarthoner or anything, my longest race this year was just a half marathon, but apparently I was doing enough distance on a daily basis to effect things.

And then my dr suggested something else we'd been kicking around.....I needed to gain some weight. Ironic after I'd just spent a year burning off the remaining pounds of baby weight from the youngest! 8lbs up and less running, resulted in a pregnancy this summer, only to end in miscarriage at an early 6wks along. (I'm just grateful it happened early on)

Back to trying.

With some other health issues that popped up occasionally (based on recurring strep throat, extending into other things stemming from that), we decided that a tonsillectomy was a good idea. Knowing that this was something I couldn't do while pregnant, and worried about putting it off until after another baby, we scheduled the surgery. Since I am the "not a fan of medical procedures" type, I really hoped to become pregnant again before the dreaded date of December 4th rolled around. No such luck. My husband continually told me, "I'm sure that as soon as you finally get your tonsils out, it will happen!"

Turns out he was a bit prophetic.

Today I am 10 days past surgery, and there is that beautiful second line on the pregnancy test. I have suspected for a number of days that it would be there, so I have tried to limit my pain meds during the past week of recovery....not easy considering how I've felt for the past few days.
(By the way-if you are an adult and still have your tonsils, I highly recommend keeping them if at all possible. A tonsillectomy has been one of the most brutal things I have ever experienced. I do not recommend it!)

My OB has assured me that the surgery was early enough on that there is no worry at all about the general anesthesia, and that the pain meds I took will not be of any consequence. I sure hope that's the case!

So now here we are, finally expecting baby number 8. We are ecstatic to be adding to our family again, and hope that this journey is as magical and exciting as each of the others has been!

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