Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's like living on a giant see-saw

Please don't misunderstand. The good days are precious. They are treasured. They are beyond appreciated. They give me hope. and the ability to get some laundry done.

But then a bad day rears it's ugly head again. And in an obliging world I would crawl back into bed and curl up into a ball until I didn't feel so nauseous and bloated that I want to fall asleep so I can dream it away. But life goes on and I must get up and function as best as possible.

Thankfully a good day will come again and redeem my hope for tomorrow, and for a clean house.

The real fun part has been that for the past few days, it's up and down on an every-few-hours, or sometimes even more frequent basis.
I feel great!
I feel sick.
I'm going out for a run!
Never mind, I'm going to go lay down on the bathroom floor instead.
I'm starving-let's eat!
Ugh-why did I eat that? It's not so great tasting the second time around.
Sure I feel well enough to run errands!
Can you put the kids to bed? because I think I might die.
Oooo.....let's make milkshakes!
Oh wait, no dairy please, I'm going to go take a warm shower and hope it helps me feel better before I crash into bed now that I'm exhausted beyond belief.

And that was just in the 3 hours after dinner and before bed the other night.

Good times that first trimester.

Not to mention I think my husband may be concerned for my mental health. Last time he asked if I was ok when I was laying on the bathroom floor trying not to puke, and I told him "no-I feel awful," he said "I'm so sorry you feel sick." My reply? "I have never been more happy, excited and relieved to be sick in my entire life."

Such is the beauty of pregnancy.

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