Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello Nausea

It's Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas Eve. I love the anticipation that builds in waiting for tomorrow's traditions. I love today's traditions! Christmas Eve is when we open gifts from my husband's family every year, and we have a big Christmas Eve dinner (with his family when they are in town). This year I've really been looking forward to it...."it" specifically being the dinner.
After a week of living off liquids because of my tonsillectomy, and another week of not being able to put much down in the way of "real" food (who knew it would take so long to be able to swallow comfortably again?), I have been awaiting the many favorites of tonight's feast.

But life wouldn't be life if there weren't a small twist.

Today has been my first day of that lovely pregnancy sickness kicking in.

There have been moments where it's reared it's ugly head, but tonight.......blech.

All that beautiful delicious food, and it was a struggle to eat.

And my Father-in-law was here for the evening as well, so I was trying to hide the fact that I wanted to crawl into my bed and double over moaning in discomfort. Not sure how well I did.
I guess time will tell.

Hopefully today was a fluke, and this won't happen again until next week or the week after that, which is when this usually kicks in for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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