Monday, January 11, 2010

Some progress

January 8, 2010

Good news on the Dr Shopping front.

No, I haven't found one yet. And I haven't figured out which hospital I'd like to deliver at yet.

But as I was scouring the internet today for recommendations in my area, and dragging through my insurance website, I ran smack dab into a nice little tid bit of information. Our insurance plan changed. Same company, but more options.

This, dear reader, means that I have my pick of whatever hospital I want! They are all covered! Hallelujah!

I have gone from having 2 options within a 45 minute drive, and one more option just a few minutes past that, to about 10 options within that same distance, and two much closer to home! Now the catch is matching up the right care provider with the right hospital and we'll be in business.

I have an appointment with a midwife next week, and with an OB in a couple of weeks. The midwife was recommended by a couple of people I know, and by plenty of random strangers in local online forums. The OB was recommended by my pediatrician (who I am willing to drive 45min for)-This dr was his (the pediatrician's) wife's OB-and he also was raved about online by his patients, as well as nurses who have worked with him. The midwife delivers at the brand spankin' new hospital just about 20min from my house (this is close people! I live in the middle of nowhere!), and they both deliver at the not quite as new but still brand new massive medical complex that happens to be located just a few minutes from my husband's office, and not too far from my parents house. (This is important b/c we always ditch the rest of the herd with my parents while I'm popping out the new addition.)

We'll see who else I come up with and who else I meet with. Maybe I'll go tour both facilities and see if one strikes my fancy more than another.

After a very frustrating afternoon yesterday, things are looking up!

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