Sunday, January 10, 2010

A few days off, and it's back!

Christmas was wonderful, and thankfully I felt much better on Christmas day than on Christmas Eve.

But it appears that my body would like a jump start on things this time around. Being sick on a regular basis officially kicked in before 6 weeks.

So much for working out every day.

So much for jumping back into a running schedule.

Oh well!

Some days it's hard to roll out of bed, some days it hasn't hit me until after lunch. Sadly it seems to be most prevalent in the evening, so my sweet husband gets the gross me when he gets home from work each night. Poor guy.

We had a New Year's party, and it took everything in me to make it through. Hopefully I did ok. No one commented, and if things would have been obvious, I think a couple of our close friends would have said something.
There is only one couple that was at the party that knows we are expecting again, and they happen to know because they just found out that they are expecting as well and we are just a couple of weeks apart. I am very excited to have a friend due so closely, it is always fun to have someone nearby to go through pregnancy with you!

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