Sunday, January 10, 2010

5 weeks

December 22, 2009

Today marks 5 weeks. The first few weeks of knowing you are pregnant are always a little odd. You know something is going on, you hope everything is going as it is supposed to, but there's not much to prove to you that anything at all is happening.

I have had a couple of days where the nausea that is typical for early pregnancy has peeked through, but not much yet thank goodness. I am feeling very easily exhausted, but that is due to still recovering from the tonsillectomy, and I'm told that may last a couple of weeks still. I sure hope not!

I was able to sneak in a short run, and am shocked at what my time off from running, combined with the surgery, has done for my endurance. Before this month, heading out for a 5 mile run was fun, felt great, and gave me a nice energy boost. Today I felt great at one mile, but was sluggish by 2 and struggling after that. While it did feel great to get out, I'm really hoping I can find a balance between recovering physically, adapting to pregnancy, and not overdoing it. I was warned it would take a number of weeks to get back to "normal", and even longer to feel like I have rebuilt my running base, so it will be interesting to see how pregnancy affects that. Though I have obviously done pregnancy more than once before, I've never been a runner before. I am really hoping to be able to run through much of this pregnancy, we'll see if my body cooperates.

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