Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 100!

Today is day 100. Yippie! Triple digits! Only 40 more days to halfway!

I knew that I had done a "day 100" post when I was blogging my last pregnancy, so I thought I'd pull that up for comparison.
Pretty darn close.

The great TP 8 1/4 squares, then: 8 squares

Weight +4lbs, then +1.5 (though the number on the scale is the same ironically!)

Baby's 160, then 150

Feeling blah, yes, both then and now. Dang, I keep missing that magic "wake up feeling great" day at 12 weeks with my pregnancies. Hopefully soon....

The belly...bigger this time. Though I am tempted to go put on the pants I was wearing in my last pregnancy's 14wk picture for a more accurate comparison. :) If I weren't feeling lazy today I would. I'll get over accuracy.

Last time I was super excited about being 5 weeks away from my big ultrasound and finding out the gender of the little one growing inside me. This time, I am just 30 hours away! Woo-hoo! Please, please, please let this child cooperate and make it easy to tell.....

And now I'm off to go listen to this baby's heartbeat. Because it makes me happy.

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