Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14 weeks

Still feeling crappy most of the time. Ready to get some energy back and not feel sick anymore.

VERY much looking forward to seeing this little baby in only a few more days!

Weight gain holding steady, still working out and trying to run. The running is getting interesting. It looks like I'll have to default to the elliptical sooner than I had hoped.

And on to the belly.

I'm getting a belly.

I'm freaking out because I don't grow this early. I don't start showing until 2 more months from now. The annoying part is that up to the top of my uterus, my stomach is completely flat. You can actually see a little ridge where the top of it is, and then everything else that's being relocated bumps out. My insides are rebelling against their forced relocation.

The good news is that my pants still fit. These pants.

Phew! And they fit without a muffin top pouring too far over the top of my pants. Though I'm definitely growing sideways! especially on my left side it appears.

The, uh, interesting news.....

Yep, there's a bump growing there.

For comparison, this is my last pregnancy at 22 weeks:

Uh-huh. A little scary, no? A little exciting too. I'm glad that it's still not too noticeable when I'm fully dressed and out and about, but there is a little giddiness that stirs inside me when I start sporting a belly. Even if it is a little earlier than I'd prefer.

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