Saturday, February 20, 2010

Suddenly one more week seems SO far away....

There have been a couple of pregnancies in which I've been dying to know early whether the little being growing inside me was a boy or a girl. Being more practical, my husband was of the opinion that saving the $ and waiting a few weeks for the ultrasound that the insurance would cover would make more sense. True, when you're going to (probably) be able to find out anyway, on someone else's dime, you may as well, right?


I've done pretty well with that, though in my last pregnancy I was antsy as all get out waiting for 19 weeks to finally approach when that big midpoint ultrasound was scheduled, especially knowing that a number of friends of ours had found out earlier.....those 4 weeks between 15wks (when the ultrasound studios will do it for you) and 19wks when I had that official ultrasound scheduled were rough.

Fast forward to this pregnancy. I really hadn't given the find out early route much thought, especially since we've had the conversation before. And I have been fine with that.

Until this last week. And suddenly, it's been creeping into my mind.

So imagine my surprise when I randomly (and mostly jokingly) said to my husband this afternoon, "hey-let's go find out early what this baby is!", and he said, "Ok".

HUH?! Really??

Yep, really.

"Let's see if they can get us in today, " he added.

Oh, it's a temptation of the worst kind. Especially because I am still a couple of days from hitting 14 weeks, and they will do gender determination ultrasound at the little ultrasound studios beginning at 15 weeks.

And now, the wait begins.

Never mind the fact that it will probably take a week to get an appointment anyway. Never mind that I had been counting down to roughly 6 weeks until we'd find out at that standard pregnancy ultrasound. Now that I know the option is available to me, and almost within reach......ACK! One whole WEEK seems like f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

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