Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a........


Well, ok, we already knew that.

But it's a cute baby. Look at that face.

You should know I only make cute babies.

Also, this cute baby is of the boy variety.

A very lucky little boy. Everyone else (yes EVERYONE else) in my neighborhood is having a girl this year. Everyone due from January (which obviously they already arrived) to July is having a girl. That ought to be fun in about 16 years.

Hey, somebody had to break the pink streak. And if you know us, it's really not the least bit surprising that we are the ones to do so.

Also, this means my husband was right about me being so sick for so long that it couldn't be anything other than a boy. Yep, almost 15 weeks and still sick every day. Good times.

We had a girl name narrowed down to two, that were somehow just automatic choices because other than one small 3 minute conversation we haven't even talked names at all.
And since we haven't talked names at all, that means starting from scratch for a little boy. 5th time around for a boy name....oh dear.....

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