Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 weeks.....still sick....

Almost every single day. All day.

The girl with the endless appetite is missing that appetite. Random handfuls of random foods are sad. Lucky Charms are always good, but when it's a handful here and there, and the thought of chasing it down with some ham fried rice and egg rolls is appealing....well, that's just plain scary.

Will I ever feel better?

I have always had respect for the women who have hyperemesis and go through pregnancy multiple times. Those who count a successful day as one where they vomit less than a dozen times. Let's be real-my being sick is squat compared to that. But every day that I wake up still feeling sick at nearly half way through this pregnancy, I admire them more and more.

Despite the lack of regular eating, here comes the belly. Up a little in TP squares this week to about 8 1/3 squares.

(though for the record, in my opinion, still not a random rubdown worthy belly)

Dear body:
We are nearly halfway through this pregnancy. Can we please move past this "morning" sickness phase?

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