Thursday, March 11, 2010

16 weeks (a little late)

I'm a few days behind. Life gets that way sometimes.

16 glorious weeks. The "fun time" in pregnancy. Well, at least today is more fun than yesterday. And yesterday was actually better than the day before. Haven't puked in a couple of days, definitely progress!! I may actually be turning that corner into second trimester bliss after all.....
(unless I just jinxed myself)

I am growing-BOY am I growing!

I mostly can't suck it in anymore. I'm a bit nervous as this is about what I looked like at 22-24wks during my last pregnancy. Hopefully that won't mean that at 31weeks this time I will look like I did at 39 weeks last time...I don't think my body could grow bigger than that for those additional weeks!

I mean, you can only blow up a balloon and deflate it so many times before you blow it up and it pops. God bless a willing and cooperative uterus!

Pregnancy brain is kicking into full swing-I have caught myself putting milk in the pantry twice in the past week. Good times! Thankfully I've caught it. Also thankfully my little minions open the pantry and the cupboards enough times throughout the day and at frequent enough intervals that if I should actually put it there and not notice, I should be able to catch the mistake before it's too late.

I'm up about 6 pounds now, not too bad, though a little more than normal for me at this point. Obviously I've used all day grazing to help cope with the sick all day feeling! The good news is that even if I do gain a pound a week from this point on I'll only be around 30lbs up in the end. I can deal with that!

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