Friday, March 12, 2010

A Wild Little One!

At 16 weeks and change there are plenty of people who aren't even feeling their baby move yet. During a couple of my pregnancies that has been the case for me.

Apparently I'm growing a super active one in there this time.

Heaven help us.

Not only did I start feeling movement earlier than with any of my others (12 weeks), last night hubby felt baby moving already! Hello! Not usually something that happens for a few more weeks.

Baby was being so jumpy that I though I'd give it a shot. My hand was on my belly and I couldn't quite tell if I was just really feeling it on the inside or if I was actually feeling it outside too. So I grabbed my husband's hand and put it right over baby.

"Do you feel that?!"
Not 3 seconds passed when he said "Oh yeah! It's faint out here still, but I feel it!"

And there you have it. Yet one more child who is trying to outdo it's siblings. And getting a very early start at it.

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