Thursday, March 18, 2010

The incident

Ok, so I know I'm growing sooner than I usually do. I know my belly is showing more than it usually does at this point.

But let's be honest here, I'm really not showing that much. In fact, at this point I'm thinking that even if I wasn't pregnancy, I'd still be looking pretty darn good for someone with seven kids!
If I do say so myself.

Normal jeans, still my smallest jeans, not even a hairband to hold them together where a button is undone at the top. Nope, still zipped and buttoned, and still breathing easily in them.

yay for that!

So imagine my surprise when this morning someone stopped by my house for a minute, proceeded to grab my midsection and rub wildly proclaiming, "wow! look at you!"

Uh, excuse me?

A-I'm not cool with people touching me. If you wouldn't put your hands on me when I'm not pregnant, don't put your hands on me when I am. Or good crimeny, at least wait until there is a big round belly and for pete's sake, ASK!!

B-Still sick, especially in the am. Rubbing the midsection means I'm likely to vomit on you. Seriously.

C-Is there really a belly there? One that would encourage the question "when are you due?", let alone a rub down?

I thought maybe I was in denial. So I snapped a shot moments after she left. (yes, it's blurry)
Yay? Nay?

Sure, things are getting a little soggy around the middle, the waistline is disappearing and I'm filling out. But a belly?
Maybe I am in denial, but I'm thinking not so much.

While I wouldn't ever just rub someone's belly anyway, I certainly wouldn't think to do so if she looked like that.


One of these days I'll be brave enough to rub someone's belly back.

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