Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today is V-Day!

24 weeks = a real chance at viability that no one argues with.

Sure, there is a chance that a baby will survive before 24 weeks, and there are a handful that do. But unfortunately many medical personnel will just automatically dismiss you as completely hopeless before 24 weeks.

Today, we jump that hurdle.

24 weeks! Considering that we didn't even know 6 weeks ago if this baby would still be alive at this point, 24 weeks seems such a big deal. The other milestone that has been stuck in my head since day one of this journey has been 28 weeks. I don't know why. But I feel like today marks a huge milestone and 4 weeks from today will mark the next one.

No real change in belly size from last week to this week (at least according to my toilet paper), but I feel like I'm getting bigger. I know that at least my backside is getting bigger. Hips too. My husband can testify to this; he can tell you that if he jiggles my love handles, the jiggle spreads all the way through my hips and up my back.

I think the man needs a hobby. I think the nights in school are starting to get to him.

Running is starting to get a little awkward, but it's still going. I feel free when I run. I'm glad I still can. My pace is slowing, but not too badly yet. And hey-at least I'm still trying! The one and only thing I can do for this baby is to make this pregnancy as healthy as possible. So I run for him. (and I'll admit, for hopes that my butt doesn't spread too terribly much more) My milage is also dropping a little, but he's a very cooperative little guy. He doesn't seem to mind the run. I think he may like the endorphin rush too.

And despite the fact that the last post included a belly picture-I'm leaving you with another one.
The belly at 24 weeks:

Happy V Day Sam!

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