Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pregnant woman running the sequel: Awkward and slow

I am still fighting to run.

Yesterday, I didn't exactly conquer.

I had signed up for another virtual race. A 10K this time.

After last week's stellar 10K, I was really looking forward to this!

And then yesterday morning dawned.
Well, it kind of dawned. The sun didn't exactly show up because it was horribly cloudy. And rainy. Pouring. And cold. COLD! There was snow on the hills just a couple of miles from our house. Yep, end of May and snow. Nice.

I decided to roll over and get a little more sleep.
Thankfully the rain also decided to take a break and was gone when I got up an hour later.

But it was still cold.
Like layers and gloves to run cold.

But enough about the weather.

There comes a point in pregnancy where you wake up one morning and everything just feels different. It's like everything has shifted. You have to hoist yourself up out of bed and you wonder who swapped your body out for this one you woke up in and why they would do such a thing. It takes a minute for your legs to adjust, you waddle/hobble to the bathroom because you are sure you will explode if you don't make it there in record time, and as you hurry yourself in there to avoid a puddle your legs laugh at you because some nasty nerve has decided that they shouldn't work as normal either.

It's fun.

But this weekend the mental beat the physical, so out the door I went.

I've been getting some leg pain, especially in my shins during my runs for the past few weeks, so I finally sucked it up and got some new running shoes. Granted I was a few hundred miles over due anyway and should probably be nicer to my feet and legs under normal circumstances. My pregnant legs were begging me for a little help, so I finally obliged.

And since I'm a cheapo, I was not about to let the new investment in footwear take a backseat on the first Saturday in my possession because of low temps and pregnancy aches. These shoes will be used to full capacity darn it!

I hit my normal 2 mile wall, but today, I just couldn't push past it. It didn't help that my ipod died just past mile 2. Great.
Now my only accompaniment was my plodding steps, my popping hip, and gasping breaths.
Not exactly the same motivation as a good beat and distracting lyrics.
I ended up taking a couple of walk breaks on the way to the turn around.
I just couldn't find my groove.

But I still faked a smile for a finish pic.

And Sam likes the ride so he was smiling too.

(You'll just have to take my word for it)
And the new lovely ritual of rest, hydrate, rest, eat something NOW while hydrating and resting. You know, just to make sure everything is ok in there. And wait for Sam's victory dance to make sure he's still happy in there.

My husband had to head out to a study group before I got home and he passed me as I was on my run back in.
After he returned from his studying we had the following conversation:
" was your run today?"
"It sucked rocks."
"Really? I'm sorry. Why's that?"
"My ipod died. My legs hurt. My hips felt off. My bladder hated me, even with two bathroom stops. And it was cold. And I couldn't run the whole thing. I had to take a walk break. A WALK break!!!"
"But I made it the full 6 and change miles. Even if I was exponentially slower than I wanted. I just felt awkward running today."

He then chuckled a little. Of course I asked for elaboration.

He was then kind enough to give me a demonstration of what I looked like as he passed me when I was running home. I was about 4-5miles in to my "run" when he passed me.
His demo was hilarious. And sad. And from what I felt like when I was running, frighteningly accurate as to what I'm guessing I looked like.

Awkward and slow.
But still plodding along. I may have to have him come out and tape me on one of these runs so that I can have some comic relief when I need it.

And the stubborn in me will keep on keepin' on until I'm down to the weird pregnant waddle/hobble/fast walk. At which point it will probably even more amusing to watch.

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