Saturday, May 15, 2010

Run Like a Mother

Obviously running is a release for me. A physical, mental and emotional way to just let it all go so I can keep on going. Some days I'm fine without it, some days lately skipping a run is a welcome break. But some days I feel like I'm going to just burst at the seams if I don't get out.

There's a book that caught my attention that was released recently. It's called Run Like a Mother. Though the title makes me giggle, it was the idea behind the book that really struck me. Two women-moms-put together their thoughts on running, their experiences, their ups their downs.....and then added to it the input of dozens of other running moms. Genius.

I am blessed to have a couple of runner mom friends who understand the addiction. They understand my drive to (try to) keep running for now, and the withdrawal on the days when it just doesn't work.

This book was like a long conversation with them.

It is amazing motivation, and great comfort on those days when I just didn't get out, or I did get out but really wondered why I even bothered as I hobbled home after a pitiful few miles.

Within the first two pages of this book I was hooked. And within the first two pages, they hit the nail right on the head; "It's the truth: For an overstressed, overtired, overextended mother, there are few other sensations that rival a delicious run. Once the sweat starts running down my temples, I daydream, analyze, smile, wonder, channel something cosmic. I feel alive and, perhaps most importantly, like myself again."

And so the fight of mental and emotional continues against the physical.

Some days I feel like I'm running away. Some days it seems like if I can just run a little faster and a little further, I can leave all of my fear and stress and reality behind.

And yet on some days it feels like when I run it will all be ok. My mind clears, my heart finds peace. Instead of running away from things, it feels like I'm running to the clarity that I seek.
My body does exactly what it was made to do, which gives me hope that as the coming weeks pass it will be willing to do the same in regards to this pregnancy.

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