Tuesday, May 11, 2010

25 weeks

One week closer to our next big goal! 28 weeks is getting closer, and odds of survival go up so much at that point. That is also about when we should be getting an MRI to really get a good look at what's going on inside his head with all the pressure. I am anxious for that. And for our next ultrasound on Friday. Of the mom's I have connected with online who have been through pregnancy with a hydrocephalus baby, it seems like 24-28 weeks is when one of two things happen; either growth of the ventricles seems to taper, and either steadies or continues at a slower rate, or this seems to be the time when it increases exponentially if it's going to go that route.
I am nervous to see what is going on in there and to find out how he is doing.

I am so grateful every single day for an active baby. I can only imagine how much I'd worry if I didn't feel him at different times throughout every day. I love that he gets hiccups more often now. I love that I can feel his little arms and legs poking at me, almost like he's tap dancing inside my hip some days. He also likes to poke right at my belly button. It cracks me up.

Speaking of belly buttons-the hernia seems to be holding out ok. I'm getting a little bit of the sunrise thing going on, but not too bad. When we first discovered my hernia toward the end of my sixth pregnancy, I thought for sure it'd all just let go with the next baby. That it's still holding strong through another pregnancy is great!

Of course, what would a weekly update post be without pictures? The belly at 25 weeks:

Still holding out in regular pants, though I did have to put my smallest size away a few weeks ago. Have I mentioned how much I love low rise jeans? I love low rise jeans. Hopefully a few more weeks before my wardrobe choices diminish to my maternity selections. I'm up 12lbs from my official pre-pregnancy weight (as per the weigh in prior to the surgery I had right after I ovluated-nice timing, huh?), but up 18 from my first prenatal appointment weigh-in. Either way, not too bad! Though 7 lbs of that was last month, and 24-28wks is usually the time when I pack on about 8-10lbs. Whew! It will be fun to weigh in at next month's appointment, won't it? I thought I'd finally hit 9 squares this week in the good old TP measurements, but Sam is sitting quite low lately and a little further back, so I've dropped down to 8 1/2 squares again. He's just buying me a few more days in my favorite jeans. What a sweet boy!

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