Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Saturday 10K-A Victory Lap

I'm calling it last week's victory lap.

Because it was a week of victories.

*We all survived. Trust me, some weeks that is a victory.
*One week closer to summer vacation. Hallelujah. Can't come fast enough!
*One week closer to Aaron finishing this quarter of his schooling. The last week of June will be heaven. (he gets a week of before the next quarter starts)
*I am still pregnant. (woo-hoo!)
*The house was clean. At one point. For a little while. I promise.
*It was sunny and warm! Not my doing, but a victory lately none the less.
*I finally painted the bathroom!
*I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting. Pregnant brain and all.
*and most importantly-all that good stuff at our Perinatology appointment and ultrasound last Friday. If somehow you missed that, scroll down just a tad. Plus new hospital, new specialist, and uber on top of it people-the "we'll contact you within a few days to get you in within a week or two" turned into a phone call 4 hours later an appointment on Thursday at 8am! Wow!

So really, a good run was the perfect cap on the week.
Saturday was beyond beautiful-a perfect running morning. Though I am getting a little slower every week (sometimes it seems every day), the fact that I can still go the distance thrills me to death. I am learning to listen to my body in a different way; Last year it was hearing the "this hurts, stop!!" and pushing through it. And then pushing further and harder. This year it's been a big challenge to get those "this hurts!" signals from my body and figure out if it's just getting to that point of the good ache or if it's really hurting and I really need to slow down or stop. I think I'm finally figuring it out.
I guess the fact that I end up laughing out loud when I finally heard the line "I was forced with remorse to learn the bassoon" in one of the songs on my playlist when I have five miles under my belt is a good indicator that I've found the balance.

Finishing with a smile on my face, a focus on distance instead of time (I'm over an hour for a 10K now though-oy...ok, so mostly focusing on distance and lesson time...), and feeling good the rest of the day instead of dead (which can be a challenge during pregnancy without the running) is even better news.

Definitely a victory lap.

Looking forward to this weekend's virtual 10K, and hopefully another the weekend after that. Unless I can find a decent Memorial Day race that doesn't have a steep entry fee.
A local city celebration 5K is the first weekend in June, I'm wondering if my body will still be willing to pull off a 30 minute finish in another two weeks. Hoping so. If no, I'm proud of my mind for letting a 30minute finish be an ok thing.

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