Thursday, June 3, 2010

This week's appointment-head growth ultrasound

28wks and 2 days, next round of appointments.

This week it was only a head growth scan to check Samuel's BPD (bi-parietal diameter) and HC (head circumference).
And of course the standard pregnancy check up with the whole weight, blood pressure, "how are you feeling", etc, etc.

Good news #1: Samuel is still head down. A lot of hydro babies sit in a breech position because of increased head size. Feet in my ribs is a VERY good thing. I adore those little feet dancing along the top of my belly.

Good news #2: BPD is looking good, and HC is staying along the growth curve at about the same rate as previous. BPD is 7.7cms. It must be below 10cms or the possibility of a vaginal delivery is pretty much zero. 7.7 is good. HC is between 28-29cms depending on the angle, which puts it on par with the average size for a 31wk 5 day fetus. That's about 3wks ahead, which is pretty much how far ahead he has been measuring. That's still just fine.
We are so very grateful that there haven't been any huge jumps in his head size. It is such a relief!

Good news #3: I am as boring as boring can be. Weight: good. Blood pressure: good. Fundal height: now dead on! Midwife's suggestion: "just stay boring please!"

Due to Sam's head down position and the ossification of skull bones that jumps into high gear at this point in pregnancy, we were not able to get a good view-or measurement-of his ventricles. This worries me a little, as the focus has been on those vent measurements for this whole process. It's a little unnerving to walk out of appointments and NOT know how things have changed inside his head. This is where we count solely on hope and faith and prayer. And trust that things will work out just the way they need to. And rely on the beautiful amount of movement that our little guy gives us every day as an indicator that he's ok in there.

Back in 2 weeks for a full growth scan, check up with the midwife, and the Perinatologist, and the long-awaited MRI.

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