Friday, June 25, 2010

Run, Run as fast as you can-31 weeks

Still running. And it still feels good.

This morning I had the rare treat of running with my Love. With my husband off work for a couple of days, I dragged him out with me. We kind of ran together a few times last year when we were gearing up for triathlons, but since we run at a different pace, and I started pushing my distance when he was keeping his lower, it didn't work very many times.

He hasn't run for months and is just breaking back into things again, so I figured this would be a perfect time to run together.

And it was!

It was so much fun to get out with him! He helped me keep a nice and even pace and I think I helped him push his distance just a bit further before he needed to stop to walk. Awwww, what a great team we make!

On the way back home after our turnaround (conveniently located at the playing fields with outhouses so I could make my now customary mid-run bathroom break), we hit a point where he was ready to walk. And since I was past my 2mile mark, my body had finally woken up. I desperately wanted to run. Not just keep on "running" at the pace we were holding, but actually run. He told me to go ahead.

(Not that I need my husband's permission to do something, but considering how well he knows me and the fact that I like to push things just a little too far, one of his jobs during the end of my pregnancies is to keep me in check so I don't injure myself, or cause problems for baby.)

I was a little nervous at first-I didn't want to set myself up for a letdown. I started out at our same pace as he slowed to a walk, realized I felt good, and kicked it up a notch. Then another. And another.

I have no idea how fast I went, I left the Garmin home again so I wasn't focused on the numbers and was paying attention to how I felt.

But wow, it felt like I was flying.

I haven't felt like I could really kick it up and RUN for months. It was so liberating!

And then I had the added convenience of him there to take my weekly belly picture for me so that I didn't have to drag out the tripod and use the timer. Yes!

31 weeks (and one day), fresh off a run:
It is good to feel good!

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