Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today I am

140 days down, hopefully as close to 140 more to go as possible!

Gosh, who ever thought I'd wish for a pregnancy to go long.....

Up 8lbs, measuring in at just a hair past 8 1/2 square of toilet paper. I love measuring my belly with toilet paper.
I also measured in inches this morning because I knew I had an actual measurement from my last pregnancy at 20wks. I'm a full inch (and maybe a tad bit more) bigger than last time!
I am amazed at how my belly seems to grow every single day-I have a feeling I'm going to get big!

The halfway belly shot:

And in honor of my favorite "how big is baby" method posted over there on the side of the blog, my little guy is roughly the size of a cantaloupe!

(I so wish I would have take the fruit picture every week of this pregnancy! Maybe there will be a next time still....)

Growing, stretching, and loving every second of feeling and watching my little man wiggle around in there!

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