Monday, April 19, 2010

Amnio Results

On Friday I finally heard back about the amnio. My curiosity got the best of me and I ended up calling someone on Thursday afternoon hoping for some information.

All I got was voice mail.

So by early Friday afternoon I took to calling both of the other genetic counselors on the list (the one we had worked with was still out of town).

I'm sure they appreciated my messages.

Don't worry, I was very very nice. I promise.

Thankfully the results were as we assumed and hoped. Everything else is clear!

This is great news, as many of the chromosomal disorders that are tested for during an amnio have the potential to cause greater problems with and difficulties for a baby. Thankfully there was nothing else that turned up, so it looks like the hydrocephalus is isolated.
One more reason for hope.

Though I do have to add a bit from my conversation with the genetic counselor who returned me call-it was amusing.

She called back apologizing for taking so long to get us the results, and after apologizing she said, "well, it's good news! Everything came back clear, so everything is good-nothing to worry about! And it's still a boy."
I told her I hoped it was still a boy since we'd seen very plainly that it was a boy.
And I couldn't help but think while she was saying this, "'re not looking at our whole file, just the amnio results. I wonder if you were looking at what is going on if you would have phrased things 'everything is good-nothing to worry about!' a little differently....."
It made me laugh.

It's good to get good news-refreshing after everything else seems to have brought only more concern.
I'll take any good we can get!

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