Thursday, April 1, 2010


A few months ago we were redoing some of our flooring. This of course meant moving everything out of the room for a bit. In the living room I have a handful of Willow Tree figurines, and since the living room was one of the rooms getting a mild makeover, they were relocated to some bookshelves in the basement.

In the course of their days as downstairs occupants, one of them became victim to a rogue bouncy ball and came out slightly worse for the wear. It went from one piece to seven. Aaron wondered why I held on to all the pieces. I told him I'd fix it. He pointed out that it would be obvious that it had been broken and that it would make more sense to just replace it.

He was right. You can tell it's been broken, and it would probably make more sense to just replace it.

Until yesterday.

As I finished gluing it back together yesterday I realized just how fitting it is for me now.
A mother holding her son. Broken, and a little worse for the wear, but still held together.
Maybe even a little stronger in those places that were weak.

Comfort sometimes comes in the most unexpected packages.

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