Wednesday, April 14, 2010


5, 14, 6.2, 4, 12, 15, 18, 17, 7.....

No, this is not some random commentary spinning from LOST.

These are the numbers that have filled my head for the last week.

5 in 14.
5 appointments in 14 days. Actually 5 in 10 when you consider that they don't do appointments on Saturday and Sunday.
That's a lot of appointments.

How far I ran on Saturday.
I desperately needed some therapy-a fix for my antsy emotional energy. I wondered if I had it in me to still actually run more than 5 miles, as I haven't done that for months. Looks like I did, and a little more. It felt amazing. Incredible. Heavenly. Hoping to sneak in a short run today and looking forward to another long (hopefully longer) run on Saturday.

How far I'm measuring ahead of myself right now. At least I'm not measuring 6 ahead anymore. I'm not used to having a belly this early in the game. I'm not used to showing this much until I'm in my third trimester. It's an adjustment. I'm trying to appreciate it...some days I do better than others. But hey, if you ever wondered what I'd look like if I were carrying twins, I guess now you know!

It's been 12 days since the amnio. I was told I'd most likely get results back on Monday. I told them I'd plan for Friday. They were optimistic and said, "Well, it should be Monday. If not, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday." In my head I thought "I'll stick with the long estimate of 14 days-and be pleasantly surprised if they come back before then." Good call on my part.

And then there are the unknown numbers. The ones that thus far have gone from 15 to 18.3, and back to 17...... From 20 to 19 to who knows what now.
7 Days until my next appointment and ultrasound. Until we get the next round of measurements, the next step in this game. I am hopeful and fearful. I am comforted to know that it's in God's hands, but sometimes upset that I have no control. It is hard not knowing.

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