Monday, April 19, 2010

A Face Lift

It's been bugging me for the past few weeks so I finally decided to change the blog up. What started out as kind of a random smattering of the oddities of pregnancy, has obviously turned into something else, so the whole name and "about me" section just didn't seem to fit anymore.

So the following:

Behind the 8 ball

I tried to tell him with a Magic 8 ball. He didn't catch on. Maybe I should have gone with Crazy Eights?

No, we don't really feel like this baby has us "behind the 8 ball", but you try coming up with something revolving around the number 8 or an 8th child that doesn't make you think of Octomom! Besides, in attempt to share the blessed news with my husband, I bought him a Magic 8 Ball thinking he'd catch on.....not so much. Oh well.

Follow the journey through pregnancy to baby #8. But do realize up front that after doing pregnancy and birth this many times, I'm willing to tell it like it is. And hey, even if the pregnancy is boring, you know with this many kidlets running around, something exciting is bound to happen eventually!

will no longer be what you see when you pull up the blog. I did want it saved in this post though to remind me that pregnancy can be fun and silly, and hopefully that is all it will be next time around. If there is a next time around I guess.

Anyway, a few changes to things to make it feel a bit more appropriate.

The name of the blog is a quote that instantly struck both my husband and I the first time we heard it. "Keep moving forward...." taken from a quote by Walt Disney. (the full quote is: “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”) There are a myriad of reasons why it meant so much at the time, and so many more why it means so much now.

The quote in the subtitle is the entirety of a quote that I saw part of the morning that I went in for the first official confirmation appointment. I was reading the blog of someone who had previously lost twins at 20wks, and was just days away from having a baby-her third child, her first after her loss. She was sharing pictures of the nursery, and her friend had done a canvas for the wall that included the words "Fly with outstretched wings, without hesitation trusting that you will not fall." I knew in my heart that morning that I was going to get bad news at that appointment. Though I had been blessed with amazing peace that day, those words really touched me. They seemed so very appropriate for what we would begin to face that afternoon.

Life moves on, and just as here, we make adjustments.

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