Tuesday, July 6, 2010

33 weeks

I think it's about time for a full run down....

Weeks: 33
Weight gain: 20lbs from official pre-pregnancy weight, 26 from first appointment weigh-in (TP measurement is 9 1/2 squares around)
Maternity clothes: Pants, pretty much every day now. Still a two pair of shorts and one of jeans that I can wear, but they are getting very close to crying for help. Shirts, not so much, save a couple of my favorites. I kind of live in fitted tees-and even the maternity "fitted" tees fit like tents. Also, I put on one of the maternity shirts I don't mind so much and it was short. What the heck? How is that maternity shirt shorter than my regular polo shirts? I don't understand.
Sleep: Like a rock
Best moment this week: Oh so many....obviously the "your baby will live" news tops everything! But I do have to say that getting in a run that felt good was a big deal, and having a friend bring a baby gift to me was exciting like it's never been before.
Symptoms: Not too bad...occasional heartburn/reflux, frequent bathroom stops and looking like I swallowed a watermelon....you know, standard fare. Nausea has returned more frequently than I'd like, which is annoying, but hey, what do you do? Braxton Hicks contractions are fairly constant, dozens a day on a standard day. It cracks me up when the first time moms worry about "more than 4 an hour" and call their dr if they get 5 in an hour and a half.....at this point it's more of a situation for me where unless the baby feels like it's falling out or my water breaks, or contractions don't go away within a few hours, meh, no biggie!
Movement: Slowing down-not as much full rolling going on, but thankfully he is still moving frequently enough and strongly enough that there is no cause for concern.
Belly Button: My poor belly button. I can see it through most of my clothes this time. I guess it deserves props for holding out until the end of my 6th pregnancy! Just hoping that things don't stretch so far that the hernia will actually need repair one day.
Attitude: Grateful, Thrilled, Overwhelmed, and occasionally unpredictably irritable. Darn hormones.
Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, except Freshcetta pizza and Kalua pork. (but thankfully those cravings aren't constant-just two things that sound good no matter the time of day)
Food Aversions: My standard pregnancy aversion-red meat. Also, despite my serious love of a big leafy green salad, the spinach, lettuce and chard that is so ready to be pulled from the garden just sounds disgusting. Dang it.
Gender: It still cracks me up that at every single ultrasound we have they check to verify that it's a boy. It was pretty obvious at 15 weeks. And 18 and 19 and every ultrasound since then.....I'm pretty sure that's not going to change....
Labor Signs: Getting more frequent contractions and some days a lot of pressure. Dilation and effacing have started, which is actually good since an induction is nearly a guarantee at this point. Anything my body does to get things started and make that process easier is good.
What I miss: Running for longer than a mile and a half without a walk break. And my favorite jeans.
What I am looking forward to: Finally holding this sweet little boy in my arms! Seeing his face and his little hands and feet.
Weekly Wisdom:"Every hour of every day is a perfect miracle" -Walt Whitman
Milestones: In our last ultrasound we saw Sam sucking and practicing breathing, which is a huge deal with his diagnosis. We hope this means that his lungs will be ready to work on their own when he arrives, and that he will be able to eat without a feeding tube. Every day is one day closer to full term.....August is only 3 1/2 weeks away.....

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